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"Make the notes your own. Draw them out right after lecture, and then draw them out again later."

"Find a study group and study (with your notes) IN THE LAB. Discuss, make a game of it, whatever!"

"STAY IN THE LAB; Dissect out as much as you can. Don't allow yourself the excuse "we couldn't find that". YES YOU CAN. Once you dissect something out for yourself, it's yours, you won't forget it."

"The schedule has you in the lab 3 hours most days. That is not enough. STAY IN THE LAB."

"Use texts as references."

"This is one of the few opportunities you'll have to practice and learn on a cadaver. STAY IN THE LAB."

"If you have difficulties/misunderstandings with lab partners, DISCUSS THEM. These are your partners for the duration of the course, settle disagreements early so that this will be an enjoyable experience for all."

"You are going to use this information for the rest of your career, so remember to look at the big picture. You are learning this information so you can practice as a physician. You are not learning this information to pass an exam."

"Be encouraged! This course is doable."

David Wrenne
Redding, CA
United States